About the MPP

The Mt. Prospect Partnership (MPP) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization promoting business and community to foster the best possible metropolitan neighborhood for its residents, businesses and property owners. The Partnership serves as a catalyst for revitalization of the district in Newark’s North Ward, laying the groundwork to support the area’s economic revival and enhancement of overall quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors.

MPP facilitates ongoing development by acting as a liaison among residents, business and government leaders. The Partnership provides the Mt. Prospect Avenue community with a variety of programs and services including advocacy for neighborhood enhancements, support for business and commercial property owners as well as long-term area improvements to the local streetscape.

The organization’s sanitation and security services have played significant roles in maintaining and improving the neighborhood’s cleanliness and safety. The Partnership is committed to keeping all Mt. Prospect stakeholders advised of ongoing efforts to promote the district by communicating in a timely and effective manner through our website and newsletter and through meetings and discussions with our friends and neighbors on the Avenue.

President’s Message

As we move ahead this year, there is so much happening on Mt. Prospect Avenue. From the start of streetscape improvements, to bigger and better events and more effective clean up and security programs, our partnerships in the City of Newark have helped us achieve great things. I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported and contributed to our community effort.

We have made major gains in making this a great neighborhood to live in and to do business. Mt. Prospect Partnership continues to work closely with local merchants, residents and local organizations to understand the needs of our stakeholders, you the community. We have backed up our commitment to improve services and programs to help invigorate the neighborhood, and are working hard to communicate about our successes and the challenges we still face as a community.

All of this is being made possible by our volunteer trustees, dedicated individuals from within our community whose focus is this community.

Mt. Prospect Partnership

Board Meetings

Contact our office at 973-482-2200 for time and location information.


The Mt. Prospect Partnership wants you to get involved in our efforts. As you navigate this site, you’ll learn about district businesses, events, park improvements and more. To give back to the neighborhood, we encourage you to volunteer your time, join us for activities or make a donation to one of our programs.

Attend Community Events!

The Mt. Prospect Partnership will host events to benefit the entire community providing an opportunity to meet the neighbors and business owner while enjoying the improved Mt. Prospect Business District.


The Mt. Prospect Partnership will offer long and short term volunteer options to suit your interests and schedule. Please contact us for more information. Volunteering Makes a Difference. Your volunteerism helps us sustain programs that benefit the Mt. Prospect Improvement District. When you volunteer, you are investing time and efforts back into the neighborhood, and it will make a difference!

The Mt. Prospect Partnership is, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.